Bates Nut Farm Wedding – Marsolino Wedding

Bates Nut Farm Wedding Film

Nick and Colleen’s wedding was such a privilege to be apart of. Bates Nut Farm has a quiet simplicity to it. It would be the perfect setting for a love story at sunset underneath the shade trees. A Bates Nut Farm Wedding consists of a very nicely lighted reception area, and a very large dance floor. There is one huge oak tree by the entrance that makes a great place for portraits.

Everything about Nick and Colleen’s day was nice and relaxed. The ceremony started at around 3:30 and was absolutely beautiful. The lighting during the first dances was perfect.

While editing, I really tried to match the mood of the wedding. It was simplistic, yet it deeply emotional. Nick and Colleen are some of the most genuine people I’ve met and capturing the pure sense of feeling giving off by them was an honor. Colleen’s dress was also handmade by her mother. That should give you an idea of just how special this wedding was.

For more information about Bates Nut Farm, and their wedding services check out their website!

Bates Nut Farm